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Little Kid Book Feature and Review - Buddy The Blue Corgi - You Are Special By Suzanna Lynn

Little Kid Book Feature and Review

 Sybrina's Book Blog usually introduces readers to unicorn books for readers of all ages but today we'll feature another beloved member of the animal kingdom, Buddy, a ver special blue Corgi. Buddy is the main character of a sweet little picture book titled You Are Special by author and illustrator Suzanna Lynn.

Hello everyone! Let's start off with saying hi to the main character in the book. Hi Buddy! He is the authors loving dog. How awesome is that? Buddy inspired Suzanna Lynn to begin writing childrens book that have a meaningful story behind them. Let's see what Buddy is up to below.


You Are Special (Book 1, Buddy the Blue Corgi Series)

Buddy is a curious little puppy with a big personality. When he discovers he looks different than the other corgis, he feels like he doesn’t belong. However, Buddy’s momma will help him see that being different is all part of God’s plan!

Good Things Take Time (Book 2, Buddy the Blue Corgi Series)

Buddy and his siblings have grown, and it’s time for them to go to their forever homes. As families come to claim their new puppies, Buddy becomes anxious and worries that he will never get adopted. However, with a little encouragement from his momma, Buddy will discover that God’s plan is greater than any disappointment.


Buddy the Blue Corgi is here to help children through the tough times they encounter in life — from feeling like they don’t belong to dealing with bullies. Buddy’s stories offer your children an uplifting message and an easy-to-understand Bible scripture to show them God is always with them.

Here's my review of the 1st book in the series.
This little book is short and sweet, just like its main character, Buddy.
The little blue Corgi learns a valuable life lesson from his wise momma about being different.
Little kids will enjoy the colorful farm scenes portrayed throughout the book as they hear stories of curly tailed pigs, a family of cows who are all different colors and more. 

They will quickly learn, along with Buddy, that unique differences are what makes everyone in this world special.
This book, which was written by Suzanna Lynn and illustrated by Suzanna Smith is a fun read with a special message for anyone who may feel like they dont fit in. I encourage you to get it for your child, today.

I give this book a high 5 approval rating.
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Author Suzanna Lynn is a happily married, full-time mother of three beautiful, energetic children, and lives in a small town nestled in the deep rolling hills of Missouri.

Growing up in the Ozarks, Suzanna spent her childhood wandering the fields and woods surrounding her home. While most children avoided the dark corners of the woods, she sought them out; imagining them to be filled with fairies, dragons and all number of creatures.

Having not lost her childhood imagination, Suzanna has written numerous poems, songs and short stories that won various awards in high school and college. Her dream was to, one day, be an author.

In 2014 she decided to stop wishing she could publish a book and made the dream a reality when she released The Bed Wife.

That first novella gave birth to two more books, completing the series, and stirred the embers of a new five-book series called The Untold Stories. She has since published stand alone novels, and even has several children's books in the works.

When she's not busy writing or spending time with her family, Suzanna loves to draw and paint, as well as scrapbooking. She also has been known to volunteer with her children's school, the Ladies Auxiliary, and even the local zoo!

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