Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Unicorn Book Feature - Unicorns of Udithia - By Bethany Silver

Sybrina's Unicorn Book Pick

Unicorns!  How we love them. . .Luckily for all of us unicorn lovers there are hundreds of unicorn books available for all age groups.  I have gathered information about as many as I can find and have placed them here for you in one convenient spot on my blog.  Today's Unicorn Book Feature is

Unicorns of Udithia 

By Bethany Silver

Have you ever wondered about unicorns and pegasus': what they do, what they look like, where they live, and how they are? This novel takes you to Udithia, the land of the unicorns and pegasus', and answers all your curiosities. Meet Aquarion, a unicorn from the Ice Herd, and follow him through all of his adventures. Learn about all the herds in Udithia and their powers: Sun, Fire, Ice, Weather, Water, Earth... This is an exciting tale that any age can enjoy!

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