Monday, January 7, 2019

Book Reviews2 for the Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm by Emma Rose Lee

The Blue Unicorn's Journey to Osm is a wonderful read. It has a layout and feel of a classic fairytale. The Illustrations are vivid and bright. I'd love to get the coloring book some day.
This is a story about a young unicorn named Blue who before birth was supposedly the Metal Horned unicorns savior. Everyone is disappointed when Blue is born as a plain unicorn without a metal horn or magic.
Blue feels set apart from the others and keeps to himself mostly aside from his best friend Ghel.
One day he is told that he will reach his destiny in the Muzika Woods. So he sets out by himself and along the way he picks up some companions.
I won't go into more detail because you should read the book for yourself. This book is for all ages, young and old alike.

Makes a great keepsake.  Get the book in print for your illustrated fantasy library.