Friday, February 22, 2019

Book Review by Sybrina - Jillians Song

Jillian's Song 

By Susan A. Buchanan

Jillian Whalley has it all.  Beauty and brains.  Great friends and an extended family who love and adore her.  She’s also a world traveler who moves in the same circles as the rich and famous. But she’s got a hole in her heart that may never close.  It ripped open one fateful night, and as Jillie remembers, “My mother used to tell me that everyone has their own Life Song. A rhythm that their life plays out to and I believe that night, my song stopped playing.”

It’s not until she starts doing the books of a hot and handsome movie star that the deep gaping rift in her emotions begins to mend. 

I really liked reading this story as told from Jillian’s point of view.  The author, Susan A. Buchanan, offers so many interesting glimpses into the lives of all of the characters surrounding the main one that you feel like you are a part of their circle.  From her doting uncles to the hateful mother of her love interest, the reader fully experiences a wide range of reactions and sentiments surrounding the orphaned Jillian and her brother, Frankie.  I love that love and family and the bond between brother and sister were a highlight of this story.  There were several times their good-natured teasing had me laughing out loud.

And through her budding relationship with British actor, Reid Stewart, you’ll feel the intense passion building. . .along with lots of intimate scenes between them.  This is an amazing story with strong chemistry so palpably hot that it leapt off the page. I loved the awesome clash of sassy, independent Jillian’s and sexy, smoldering Reid’s intermingling personnas.  It was full of sweet witty banter and some seriously spicy intimate  interludes sparked with just the right amount of heat. . . just like Jillian’s famous Cornmeal Pudding. (Yes, she can cook, too!)

The storyline is captivating and titillating and is definitely worth reading.  It runs a full gamut of emotions throughout.  The book is well-written and excellently planned out by the author.
One last note that is important to me. I’m not a fan of books with cliff-hangers and I’m happy to say that this book does not have one.  I highly recommend it for a satisfying read.

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