Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Book Reviews2 for the Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm by Sage

This book is aimed at younger readers and has many underlying life lessons in its story. It follows a unicorn named Blue, who is the prophesized savior to save the tribe of MarBryn from the evil sorcerer Magh.Though the writing is easy to follow and as I read the story I could imagine myself reading it out loud to a child.There are parallels to real life in the story and the book will likely teach young readers the value in believing in themselves despite the pressure that is put on their shoulders. The illustrations are well put together and will help young readers visualize the story. I do wish that some of them appeared larger on the screen in a higher resolution, but they served their purpose regardless.Not everyone appreciates how complicated it can be to write a children’s book. You have to use language that easily flows, while also being conscious of word choices that will help build upon a child’s vocabulary. It takes real talent, and I believe that the author has paid close attention to the writing of this book as well as the visuals.

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