Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sybrina's Phrase Thesaurus Sample Phrases

Volume 2

Moving Parts - Part 2

Sybrina's Phrase Thesaurus is a 4 Volume Set of thousands of descriptive phrases to help authors break through writer's block.  This group of phrases describe movements of the shoulder.  


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Unicorn Book Feature - The Last Hunt by Bruce Coville

Unicorn Book Feature

The Last Hunt

The Unicorn Chronicles Book IV

By Bruce Coville

In the center if Luster stands an enormous tree called the Axis Mundi, the Heart of the World. But now that tree is wounded, pierced through by magic. And through that wound marches an army of Hunters, led by the sinister and vengeful Beloved. And they are all determined to destroy each and every unicorn. As the unicorns gather to defend their lives, the human girl, Cara, is sent on a mission to meet a ferocious and mysterious dragon. Faced with perilous danger, Cara must make a desperate decision that will change her life forever.

With a deft hand and keen imagination, master storyteller Bruce Coville brings this riveting epic fantasy series to a rousing conclusion as the secrets of Luster are finally and satisfyingly unveiled.

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