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BookR3vi3wTours - The Pearl of Immortality by Nishi Chandermun

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The Pearl Of Immortality

About the Book:  

A world exists that is dominated by the forces of Light and Dark magic. A world where The Sands of Time comes to life, a unique and compelling fantasy.

Xerxes discovers an ancient golden Lamp in a shop of magical artefacts and his simple life is immediately altered, propelling him into a brand-new world inhabited by powerful alien races.

On this strange and distant planet, a world so unlike Earth, Xerxes soon discovers his new identity, one that names him Dragonheart.

Presented with his ancient dragon of more than five thousand years old, a dragon with indescribable magical abilities, he is compelled to accept his destiny as Dragon Rider. A destiny that drives him into the heart of threats shadowed over by the evil Naga race.

Can Xerxes shoulder the responsibilities of a true Dragonheart? When the significance of the Lamp comes to the fore, it becomes evident that the fate of the planet lies entirely in his strength.

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Chapter 11

The sound of wood slicing through air in rapid succession was razor-sharp, a smooth fleeting resonance that merged with the crisp early-morning breeze to produce grueling tension as two men confronted each other in earnest combat. 
Fingers steadfast around the hilt of the wooden practice sword, Xerxes drew a labored breath for Nab’s practice blade was fast reappearing, and all he could do was try to block. As yet, he had not managed a single advance on the other man. The Ishtarian was an ace at the blade. Sword Master, indeed!  Xerxes would do well to remember that. Even now as sweat laced his back and his arm and ribs burned intensely with the merciless touch of Nab’s wooden blade, he knew that Marduk had chosen well in appointing Nab as his Grandmaster.
The Nemur was a slave driver, more dogged than he had anticipated. Harsh in his teaching and determined for success, he would push Xerxes to his limits. It was for that reason that their sword-play was a rapid-paced, aggressive dance atop the Taskarin Tower, a remote tower of the castle that stood in solitary silence. The Nemur thought it would make a better place for sword practice as it was unlikely that they would be disturbed here.
With a quick, unexpected move Nab’s sword landed with a heavy clunk against Xerxes’ back, almost knocking the air out of him. Xerxes faltered, taking a moment to gather his wits and his sword was instantly whipped from his hand.    
Shocked blue eyes turned to the wooden blade sprawled a distance away amidst the dust close to the crannied wall that encircled the tower top.   
“Never lose your sword to anyone! Without it you are crippled!” Nab rasped. He paused for a second. “That is my only mantra to wielding the blade, Rider. Now, repeat it!”
Xerxes considered for a while. 
“Repeat! What are you waiting for?” The words ripped the air.
“Never lose your sword to anyone. Without it you are crippled,” Xerxes intoned.
“Are you singing a song, Rider?” Nab’s voice this morning was tough, forceful, a tone Xerxes was growing accustomed to when it came to their regular training sessions. 
Blue eyes latched onto dark. “No, Grandmaster!”
“Then, say the mantra with meaning. Say it as if you are serious!” Nab grated.

About the Author:

Nishi Chandermun is the pen name for Nishi Singh. She was born and raised in the city of Durban, on the east coast of South Africa. However, home away from home is the magnificent Cape Town, a serene laidback city where the heart and spirit of the ancient Table Mountain beckons her to return again and again.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree, cum laude, and studied psychology thereafter. Despite her fervent interest in both these careers, her supreme passion was always in writing, something which she has been nurturing for as long as she can recall. So, it’s no wonder that she finally surrendered all else to embrace professional writing. 

She has previously written middle grade fiction and illustrated books for children. The Sands of Time series is her first venture for young adults, a project on which she has been arduously researching and working for several years. If there’s a single belief she lives by, it would be this:

Masterpieces are not created overnight. All that is truly remarkable requires a magical moment of growth.     

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