Friday, November 30, 2018

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Blue Unicorn Book Review By L. S. Reading

Having an interest both in fanciful creatures having adventures and the search for better lives, I thought this book called to me. It is written on a middle grade level, with some words needing a bit more work to figure out, mainly the very creative names given to the characters. The author does a wonderful job of world building.It is a story of good vs evil, about how circumstances can change the direction of our lives.Not everything is as it seems and many things take their own time to show their true colors.It is a story about ethics and loyalty, about facing fears and making tough choices.Unlike a famous reindeer with a different sort of nose than his herd, Blue's tribe accepts his difference and includes him. Blue, however, chooses to make his difference hold him back, limit his inclusion. In other ways, he is more open to friendships among people not of his breed than are the other unicorns. The story is very good but this book has messages on additional levels.I recommend it to readers of fantasy fiction and those who appreciate deeper meaning in the stories they read.