Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Book Reviews for the Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm by Clare O

Book Reviews for The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm

Every author has her own take on unicorns, and these are brightly coloured horselike beings but with cloven hoofs (that means they are not horses, although they could have evolved from a common ancestor) and with a single horn, made of a metal. The book has a format of two pages of text followed by a two-page illustration of the scene, so any age can enjoy the story.

This is actually an 'ugly duckling' fable and I must admit to being disappointed when the blue unicorn with no metal horn turned into something shinier and stronger, instead of making best use of his innate talents and wit.

The adventure starts gently and becomes quite scary and involved, with many names, magical talents, villains and backstories. I thought there was too much poured in to a cup for young kids, who would not be able to keep track and would wonder why the story about the sorceror suddenly became one about space flight. I also, while admiring the artistry and vision of the illustrations, did find the parade of bright colours became wearying to the eye, like something psychedelic.

I found it incredible that the last few unicorns would continue to braid their manes, feast, and wear fruit as decoration when the race had been slaughtered wholesale and they were hunted daily. Would they not be organising to do something about it or even have patrols for safety? Just possibly the author intends this as an allegory to show how some humans are ignoring the biodiversity loss in progress.

I can see the work that has gone into the book and I am sure kids will find it fascinating and want to  read the story. Some good vocabulary is introduced.  I downloaded an e-ARC from Instafreebie. This is an unbiased review.