Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Journey To Osm - The Blue Unicorn's Tale Reader Review by Teresa

  Journey To Osm - The Blue Unicorn's Tale

 Reader Review by Teresa

Ever since he was born Blue was looked down upon by the other Metal Unicorn’s. Instead of being the hope for them he was a no metal no magic unicorn. In spite of believing the oracle’s prophecy, only two of the tribe believed in him, the unicorn who revealed the prophecy and Ghel the one unicorn who loved Blue. Blue distanced himself form the tribe, but he was determined to learn to fight and become the strongest unicorn he could be. Now as prophecy’s go things are never quite what they seem leading Blue on a journey of discovery that could lead him to on an adventure of a life time.

Blue’s feelings of worthlessness and isolation can be understood by many people. His desire to make something of himself gives others hope that things can get better. Just believe in yourself and anything is possible. This is a wonderful story that combines fantasy and magic into a unique story that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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