Saturday, August 25, 2018

Sybrina's Blue Unicorn Book Store - Enamel Unicorn Necklace

Sybrina's Blue Unicorn Book Store

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Enamel Unicorn Necklace

Daily Science Fiction Magazine - Dispell by Preston E. Dennett

Do you like your science Fiction and Fantasy short and sweet?  Subscribe to The Daily Science Fiction Magazine to get a daily story via email.  Here's a sample of fantasy/magic-and-wizardry:

Short Fantasy Story by 
Preston E. Dennett

"You need what?" I asked, unsure I'd heard her correctly. I'd done love spells more times than I'd care to say, but a hate spell? A stunningly attractive woman stood before me. She had a rather plain look, but there was something indefinably gorgeous about her.

Visit Preston E. Dennett's Amazon Author Page for more information about his books.