Sunday, March 17, 2019

Unicorny Stuff From Zazzle Journey To Osm Collection - Dr. Zinko BW Tee

Unicorny Stuff 

From the "Journey To Osm" Collection

on Zazzle

This T-Shirt has a black and white profile image of Dr. Zinko the Zink-Horned unicorn from The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm Illustrated Book For Teens.
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Review Request for Journey To Osm - The Blue Unicorn's Tale

Looking for Reviewers

Would you like to read and review a purely fanciful unicorn fantasy about a tribe of unicorns stranded a universe away from their home world of Unimaise? 

My first novel "Journey To Osm - The Blue Unicorn's Tale" is in desperate need of honest reviews.  This clean read is full of magic, adventure and sciencey stuff plus a little bit of love and war.  Other readers have compared it to fantasy books like Alice in Wonderland, Dragonriders of Pern, The Last Unicorn, and The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.  Maybe after you read it, you will be reminded of
other books you've loved.

I am happy send this 85,000 word stand-alone epic fantasy novel in mobi, epub or pdf so if you'd like to read and review it please state your preference in an email to me at sybrina at sybrina dot com.  Please put "I'd Like To Review Journey To Osm" in the subject line.

If after reading it, if you're so inclined, give it a review.  Of course you are under no obligation what-so-ever to review it whether you like it or not.  It's just that sharing reviews these days is the only way most people ever learn of a book's existence.

There is no deadline for reviews as this book is already available at all online bookstores. I would appreciate honest reviews of any rating on any of the following sites:

Book Bub
Amazon (any site)
Google Play
Barnes and Nobles
or your blog if you have one.

Facing extinction, the Metal-Horned Unicorns of MarBryn are desperate for hope. 
Any hope. . .So when the Oracle reveals the prophecy promising just that, the 
remaining members of the tribe pin their future on the birth of a young foal. 
Hope becomes despair when the baby unicorn is born without metal. . .because 
without metal there is no magic. And without magic, this little blue newborn has 
no chance to defeat the evil sorcerer that has imprisoned all of MarBryn. Magh’s 
rule proves both harsh and brutal and by the time Blue comes of age there are only 
twelve metal-horns left in all of MarBryn. Eleven can claim some form of metal 
based magic. . .but one must get by on sheer grit, will, and the desire to avenge 
his parents untimely deaths. Like most of the metal-horns, Blue disregards the 
prophecy as nonsense, but driven by his insecurities, he covertly trains for a 
fight he’s ill-equipped to win.And then hope comes back around. For Blue. . .For the 
Metal Horn Unicorns of MarBryn. . .But can a unicorn with no metal. . .no magic. . .
answer the call of fate? 

I hope to hear from you. :)